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Kathford International College of Engineering, Balkumari, Lalitpur
Kathford International College of Engineering
Engineering - 4 Years ,  Undergraduate Degree

BE at Kathford Engineering College is a four-year program of Tribhuvan University.

Total fees: Nrs. 500000/- for Civil and Nrs. 350000/- for IT.

Scholarship is available.


A higher education. A higher purpose. At Kathford, you will be challenged intellectually by one of the best faculties in the country. Your mind will be stretched, opened, and, in the end, well-prepared for whatever career path you are lead to pursue. But a much as your mind will grow, you, as a person, will grow even moreKathford is established with the mission to provide center of excellence for quality learning and innovative practices, while nurturing students within enriching and stimulated study atmosphere with the focus on management competencies, practical skills and professionalism.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering: (48 seats) The Computer Engineering is a four-year, eight semester program. Computer Engineers design and develop the application of computer systems. Majority of computers are used as components within other systems such as audio-visual players, the engine management systems, aircraft navigation systems, and automatic control systems.The Computer Engineering degree course at Kathford lays strong foundation on pure science and mathematics, and builds among students the basic competencies on design and implementation of computer-based systems, understanding of the hardware and software, and the nature of the engineering systems involved.

Electronics and Communication Engineering:The Electronics & Communication Engineering is a four-year, eight semester program. Electronics and Communication Engineers are responsible to apply techniques and skills to analyze and design complex electronics and communication systems.Electronics is at the heart of the new industrial revolution. Recent innovations in the field of electronics and communication have led to rapid growth in areas such as mobile communications, high-quality audio, digital cameras, multimedia, and Internet.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering: (80 seats) The Civil Engineering is a four-year, eight semester program. Civil Engineering is constantly evolving with the advent of technology and new materials. It has led to significant improvements in the understanding of how structures behave and economy varies in construction.The Civil Engineering degree course at Kathford will give students the basic competencies need to be a professional civil engineer, plus skills in construction, project management, analysis and design of structures, and surveying.

Total Capacity (Seats) Total Fee Pass Percentage (Last Year)
Variable as Courses Nrs. 500000/- for Civil N/A

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