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Nepal Engineering College, Bhaktapur, Bhaktapur
Nepal Engineering College
Engineering - 4 Years ,  Undergraduate Degree:  Architecture, Civil, Civil & Rural, Computer Engineering

Academic program BE at NEC is a four-year program of Pokhara University

Total fees: Nrs. 528000/- Up-to 50% scholarship is available.


Nepal Engineering College, popularly known as nec, was established in 1994 as a nonprofit institution under private sector initiative. The foundation of nec was laid by few visionary Nepalese professionals and academicians who realized the need of an institution serving the technical education needs of the country for accelerated economic growth, reaching to wider section of Nepalese students and making the quality technical education accessible and affordable to the masses. This pioneering example set by nec led to the establishment of a number of engineering colleges in the country in private sector in the later years. nec is committed to retaining its long earned reputation of “an institution with concerns for quality and academic freedom”, again an example for others to follow.

The Bachelor program in Architecture, leading to B.Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture) degree is a five years course that aims to provide systematic knowledge and skills in the planning, design and conservation of buildings and other physical artifacts with concerns for aesthetics, comfort, durability, social responsiveness and integration with natural and manmade landscapes. The area of instruction covers spectrum of courses relating to planning, structural design, landscape management, interior design and furnishing and conservation and restoration of application of electronic devices and their applications in arrays of communication applications.

Civil Engineering:
nec has been offering Bachelor level program in Civil Engineering beginning year 1994. The objective of the course is to train qualified engineers to deal with design, construction, operation and maintenance of physical infrastructure and services. The students opting this program undergo systematic theoretical and practical learning in the areas of material engineering, structural engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering, geotechnical engineering and surveying, so that they develop needed analytical and hands-on skill to deal with, and cater to, wide ranging infrastructure development tasks where civil engineers have major roles to play.

Civil and Rural Engineering:
In Nepal, endemic rural poverty, food insecurity and poor quality of rural life exist as outstanding development challenges. Inseparable relationship between agriculture and rural development demands that agriculture must be looked into total perspective of rural development. Strong inter-linkages exist among technology, infrastructure and services, producing positive impacts to rural economy and quality of rural life. This has created demand for cadre of technical manpower who could apply the knowledge of engineering and technology in rural development. nec has started Bachelor program in Civil and Rural Engineering which is an unique initiative in the country and in the region. The graduates in Civil and Rural Engineering are expected to serve in numerous government and development agencies working in the areas of rural infrastructure development, natural resources management, agro-industries and rural credit institutions, apart from conventional Civil Engineering projects.

Computer Engineering:
Rapid development in microelectronics and computer science has created the need for specialized manpower that could fuse these two cutting-edge technologies. This fusion of knowledge and technology has led to evolution of highly specialized professional field, called Computer Engineering. Computer Engineers have wide ranging career options in business, industries, production and service sectors and in IT-industries. Realizing the ever growing need of Computer Engineers within the country, and also rapidly growing employment prospects abroad, nec started Bachelor program in Computer Engineering beginning year 1999. The program uniquely combines the broad knowledge of programming and electronics with the specialist skill in software and hardware interfacing.
Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

Traditionally electrical engineering is considered to deal with the problems associated to large scale electrical systems, such as, electricity generation, transmission and utilization while electronics is concerned with low voltage applications in computers, communication systems and integrated circuits. The advancements in power transmission system and diverse uses of electricity in different walks of life have created demand for blending of these two disciplines and developing breeds of engineers who have knowledge and skills in both the areas. Realizing the need of such manpower, nec started Bachelor program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering beginning from the year 2006. The graduates can expect career opportunities in agencies concerned with generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, alternative/renewable energy projects, communication, manufacturing and service sectors.
Electronics and Communication Engineering:

Total Capacity (Seats) Total Fee Pass Percentage (Last Year)
Variable as departments Nrs.528000/- N/A

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