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BGC Trust Medical College, Chittagong, Bangladesh
BGC Trust Medical College
MBBS - 6 Years- Under Graduate Degree with internship.

Academic program MBBS at BGC Trust Medical College is affiliated to Chittagong University.

Total fees: 30000/- excluding accommodation and food and paid in installment basis.

Approved by BMDC and Nepal Medical Council.

BGC Trust College Nepaladmission.comBGC Trust Medical College is the translation of a dream of Engineer Afsar Uddin Ahmed, a son of Kanchanagar, Chandanaish,Chittagong, to pioneer the cause of highest quality medical education and establishment of a model hospital for the poor and under privileged rural people. It is the translation of the BGC Trust theme "Health & Education, the keys to national prosperity & service to humanity” – with an ambition to establish a medical faculty, BGC Trust applied to the Government of Bangladesh for an University that will have the medical faculty in Feb, 2001.
After being inspected by different committees of the University Grants Commission, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, the Government gave permission to run a medical college instead of a medical faculty under BGC Trust in June 2002. On the ground that, it is a national policy of the government not to leave the technical and the very vital education like medical education in the hands of Private Universities. In the same permission letter, in order to run the medical college the government also gave the directive to register the BGC Trust Medical College Affiliated with Chittagong University and Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BMDC).After receiving permission from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, BGC Trust Medical College was established in 2002 with 4 of its departments (namely Physiology,Biochemistry, Anatomy and Community Medicine), Library Laboratory and Dissection hall. One hundred students are now admit in each batch of MBBS course. Classes at the Medical Started from 1st January 2003. Since then all classes, tutorials, practical and theoretical examinations etc. were pursued as per prescribed and scheduled thime table. There was no room for the term session jam. Previously the 1st , 2nd & Final professional examination was holding in Chittagong medical college , But from 2010 BGC Trust Medical College has got examination center for 1st prof. & 2nd prof. examination.Now final prof. also holding in BGCTMC.

MBBS Course and curriculum of BGC Trust Medical College is in accordance with the latest course and curriculum of Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council Act 2002 and the rules and regulations followed by the Chittagong University. However, having an opportunity of its location in the rural community, a community based study module is integrated in its academic and research activities. Guidelines and norms laid down by the Ministry of Health, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is strictly following by the Medical College.

Total Capacity (Seats) Total Fee Pass Percentage (Last Year)
100 $30000/- N/A

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