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Kathmandu Engineering College, Kalimati, Kathmandu
Kathmandu Engineering College
Engineering - 4 Years ,  Undergraduate Degree

BE at Kathmandu Engineering College
is a four-year program of Tribhuvan University.

It has Civil, Architect, Electric, Electronic and Communication and Mechanical Departments.

Total fees: Nrs. 580000/-



Kathmandu Engineering College (KEC), located at Kalimati, Kathmandu leads the engineering education of the nation. With a motive of generating highly efficient professionals in the field of Engineering and Architecture, KEC came into being in 1998 and it is the first ISO 9001: 2000 certified College in Nepal. Kathamandu Engineering College imparts superior technical education endued by motivated academic and administrative staffs. Each individual scholar’s academic wisdom is empowered by components of freedom and effort.
KEC caters Bachelors in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering courses with an emphasis on understanding the subject with broad perspectives. KEC promotes friendly competitive learning environment and helps students graduate as professionals who meet the national aspirations and goals
Department of Civil Engineering:

Civil engineering is the professional engineering discipline that deals with the planning, design, construction and maintenance of the artificial and naturally built environment. Civil engineers construct and maintain bridges, canal, dam, roads and buildings working according to their specific plans and designs. Since they carry the responsibility and reliability of the society and even the entire nation, their execution of work should be flawless. Civil engineers turn complex ideas into reality.
Civil Engineers have the responsibility to produce safe, economical and environmentally sound infrastructure for the community. They bring the most innovative structures come to life.
11-Regulars, 110-FullFee= 121-Seats

Department of Electrical Engineering:
Electrical Engineering is concerned with the design, research, development, planning, manufacturing and management of electrical systems and devices that shapes the modern economics and contributes to the quality of life. Electrical engineers design, develop and supervise the manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical systems for generation, distribution, utilization and control of electric power or electrical systems that are used for computers, communications and other industrial applications.
4-Regulars, 40-FullFee= 44- Seats

Department of Architecture:
Architecture is the blend of art and science in designing physical structures that shape the environment in which we live using creativity and practical understanding of structures and materials to develop concept, plans, specifications and detailed drawing of buildings. Architects may also be involved in project feasibility studies, heritage study, urban planning, interior design and landscape design.
5-Regulars, 50-FullFee = 55- Seats

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering:
Electronics and Communication Engineering involves design, planning, commissioning and monitoring of complex communications networks, broadcasting equipments and all electronic products. It is the area of specialization dealing with aspects and applications of a broad range of communication systems including telephone and data networks, radio and television broadcasting, satellite and deep space applications, electronics system and IC design, etc.
12-Regulars, 120- FullFee = 132-Seats

Computer Engineering:
Computer engineering is a discipline that combines both electrical engineering and computer science. A computer engineer creates, maintains and modifies computer and its software. They also evaluate and deploy new programming tools & techniques and analyze software products.
8-Regulars, 80-FullFee = 88-Seats

Total Capacity (Seats) Total Fee Pass Percentage (Last Year)
Variable as departments Nrs. 580000/- N/A

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