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Quest International College, Balkumari, Lalitpur
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Bachelor in Hotel Management - 4 Years ,  Undergraduate Degree

BHM at Quest International College  is a four-year program of Pokhara University.

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Quest International Collage, established in 2009, has been located in Lalitupur at Balkumari as an ideal' setting for learning. It has been envisioned to remain at the Center for Academic education, professional development by imparting quality management education, professional development skills and capabilities, and contributing significantly in the field of research and development. In a diverse setting, we offer a unique four-year undergraduate program: BBA and BHM affiliated to Pokhara University. These are full time study programs for the candidates to develop their leadership qualities and good academic records. BBA and BHM studies at Quest are the matters of active learning in an atmosphere of intellectual excitement. Advanced coursework is not simply information, but is designed to pose fundamental theoretical question and laboratories where scholarly perspectives and assumptions are tested.At QIC, student actively engage in the challenges of today's global business with analytical and rigorous thinking. Students learn how to make decisions, reason strategically and understand the dimensions of a business problem. Our faculty brings real-word, real-time knowledge to an unparalleled depth and breadth of course. QIC gives the opportunities to create an individualized program and learn about every area of global business. It aims in pursuit of excellence to create a new, more global and more productive result engaging experiences for students.All academic and non-academic programs of Quest have been positioned as 'prestigious products for prestigious people respecting the nobel feelings of our graduates, employers, sponsors, internal human resources and other valued stakeholders. Quest offers the latest approach in teaching in the area of business leadership, and management education, and to business research. It is an applied Management School targeted for academics and leaders through the broad range of management and business studies. Managers who can handle government and private organizations efficiently.

The objective of the program is to produce managerial manpower for the hospitality industry with particular strength in Food and Beverage, Rooms Division and Marketing.The program prepares the students to enter the hotels at the management trainee level or at any other management entry level position and makes their way up in a few years time. The career progression takes the graduates to the departmental manager's position of a large international standard hotel in 10 years time after graduation and to the hotel manager's position in 15 years time.Alternatively, the graduates may join fast food chains, or open their own restaurants and resort business. A few of the graduates from this college have been already engaging in such pursuits.The program at the moment is 122 credit hours to be covered in four years. Specialization courses enable the students to specially spruce themselves in a particular department of the hotel for which they feel they have special aptitude for. The choices available to the students are in the areas of rooms' division management, culinary management, food and beverage Management, and Hotel Design.

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