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Nepal Tourism & Hotel Management College, Pokhariya, Biratnagar
Nepal Tourism & Hotel Management College
Bachelor in Hotel Management - 4 Years ,  Undergraduate Degree

BHM at Nepal Tourism & Hotel Management College  is a four-year program of Pokhara University.

Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management is also available.

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Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College (NTHMC), established in 1999 and affiliated to Pokhara University and located in Chhinedanda-18, Pokhara, is a modern and vibrant institution that brings together meticulous academic track records with highly pertinent, focused and skill-based courses to suit to the demand of various Hotels, Banks and Business Houses in the job market. Quality education with student-centered teaching-learning approaches, outstanding facilities, plentiful co- curricular activities, and other academic qualities are the features of NTHMC.NTHMC provides Heuristic education and real-life learning opportunities. The student-centered learning environment at the college paves the way to students to explore their own potentialities and capabilities that will be necessary for them in their prospective job markets. Those activities help development of inter-personal skills through interaction and active participation in co-curricular activities and social services such as organizing food festivals, dealing with clients, managing offices and so on.NTHMC provides quality programs in an environment that encourages students to achieve excellence in all spheres of their life. From the very beginning, the college has ventured to understand, appreciate and reflect the needs and academic ambitions of students, and to train them for career positions in modern organizations like chain hotels, business houses and banks. Therefore, the college has made BHM as a four year program which is according to international norms.The activities of NTHMC towards this direction have already started giving results. Our graduates have obtained excellent placements in leading and rapidly growing organization, both in the country and abroad. NTHMC graduates have shown their potentiality in further studies both within and outside the country. These achievements have placed NTHMC in a position of distinction, and it contributes the college as a first rate college for Hotel Management and Business Administration.

The objective of the program is to produce managerial manpower for the hospitality industry with particular strength in Food and Beverage, Rooms Division and Marketing.The program prepares the students to enter the hotels at the management trainee level or at any other management entry level position and makes their way up in a few years time. The career progression takes the graduates to the departmental manager's position of a large international standard hotel in 10 years time after graduation and to the hotel manager's position in 15 years time.Alternatively, the graduates may join fast food chains, or open their own restaurants and resort business. A few of the graduates from this college have been already engaging in such pursuits.The program at the moment is 122 credit hours to be covered in four years. Specialization courses enable the students to specially spruce themselves in a particular department of the hotel for which they feel they have special aptitude for. The choices available to the students are in the areas of rooms' division management, culinary management, food and beverage Management, and Hotel Design.

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